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Department of Structural Engineering (ME)

The department of Structural Engineering was established in the year 2011 with intake of 18 Since its inception the Civil Engineering Department works with the industry to impart value - based education to the students. A team of highly qualified and dedicated faculty members help the students on surveying, planning, Analyzing, Designing and Cost estimation of engineering structures.

The Department of Civil Engineering is provided with5 laboratories, which are well equipped with the latest electronically controlled instruments. The Department offers consultancy to the water board [PWD] regarding Hogenekkal Drinkin Water Project being implemented by Government of Tamil Nadu, and also serving for many industries for soil, concrete, steel and water testing.


about us

Our College is an "Organisational life Member" of professional society ICI with 30 Students and a faculty. The Faculty members and students are provided with opportunities to join as members of Professional societies such as ISTE and ICI and all the faculties and students are members of the ISTE.


  • Computerized Universal Testing Machine of 40 Ton Capacity.
  • Compression Testing Machine of 100 Ton Capacity
  • Keyplan and Pelton Wheel turbine
  • Aggregate impact tester and other accessories.