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Department of ME - Applied Electronics (MEAE)

The field of Computer Science and Engineering is one of the fast growing fields of Engineering discipline. The field which encompasses logic, probability, and continuous mathematics; perception, reasoning, learning, and action; and everything from microelectronic devices to robotic planetary explorers.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has started functioning during the academic year 1998 with intake of 18. with young and energetic faculty team. The Department is committed to produce "talent task force" in our great country, India.


ME - Computer Science


Universe revolves around, the most important resource, the information. Our objective is to create and sustain a community of learning in which the technocrats set the trends with Tremendous knowledge and apply it professionally with due consideration for ethical, ecological and technological issues for innovation, An ability to utilize the information technology in emerging areas to find solutions to the problems and to improve the life-style of our people, The high strength of character, self-confidence and leadership in engineering management.

Laboratory Facilities :

The department is feathered with different laboratories with more than 300 systems.

  • Electronic Devices Laboratory
  • Microprocessor Laboratory
  • Communication Laboratory
  • Microwave Laboratory
  • Fiber optics laboratory
  • Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
  • MATLAB laboratory
  • RF Laboratory

All facilities are available in the laboratory to meet the requirements of Anna University syllabi. We have an Internet lab with 24 hours accessing facility. The students are also permitted to access the laboratory after the college working hours with the guidance of faculties.